Breeding Program





Our ponies are truly amazing. The foals we raise are registered with the Welsh Pony and Cob Society of America and have more "miles" than many aged horses. They are raised in a petting pen environment and trained to be careful and friendly around the littlest of children. They are curious and bold, load in the trailer and pick up their hooves, come when their names are called and so much more. You won't find ponies like these though you search far and wide. Our dream ponies will make all your little ones hopes come true!

We have mares and stallion available to meet at the ranch. In fact our stallion does some of our magical photoshoots and the mamas are our best party ponies.


Stallion: Lord Winter "Amarok" 2019 Registered Half Welsh



Daisy 2005 Shetland - 2023 Foal Lord Winter's Anthem  *Reserved with Deposit*

Tumbleweed 2019 Grade Pinto - 2024 Foal Anticipated

Sunshine 2018 Miniature Appaloosa - 2024 Foal Anticipated

Cinnamon Glitter 2018 Shetland - 2024 Foal Anticipated

Amirah 2007 Arabian - 2024 Foal Anticipated

Mable 2017 Mustang - 2024 Foal Anticipated